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Urban motorcycle clothing refers to protective clothing and equipment specifically designed for motorcycle riding in an urban environment, perfect way to get around the city. This typically includes items such as, jackets, shirts, pants, gloves and boots. The clothings are typically designed to be more stylish and fashionable than traditional motorcycle gear, and may be made with materials that are more suitable for use in a city environment, such as Leather, Kevlar reinforced lighter weight fabrics that are more comfortable in hot weather. In addition to providing protection from injuries in the event of a crash, urban riding gear may also include features such as reflective materials to make the rider more visible to other vehicles on the road, and built-in ventilation to help keep the rider cool.

Some common features of urban motorcycle gear include:

Lightweight materials:

Urban motorbike clothing is often made with lightweight materials such as Kevlar reinforced fabrics, mesh or perforated leather, which can help keep the rider cool and comfortable in hot weather.

Reflective materials:

Reflective materials can help make the rider more visible to other vehicles on the road, which can be especially important in low-light conditions.

Built-in ventilation:

Urban riding gear may include features such as vents or mesh panels to help keep the rider cool and comfortable.

Pockets and storage:

Urban biker clothing may include multiple pockets and other storage options to allow the rider to carry personal items while riding.

Adjustable fit:

Many urban motorcycle gear items have adjustable features such as velcro straps or zippers to allow the rider to customize the fit.

Waterproof materials:

In areas with wet or inclement weather, urban motorbike clothing may be made with waterproof materials to help keep the rider dry.

Stylish design:

Urban biker clothing is often designed to be fashionable as well as functional, with a range of colors and styles available to suit different preferences.