Redefining Individuality at Moto Speeds 

Since its inception, team Moto Speeds has been dedicated to presenting a creative process that allows motorcyclists to experience the truest sense of individuality. Complete Custom, a segment of our Custom Made facility, is an outcome of that objective.

Get ready to unleash your imagination as you take on this journey with the Motospeeds’ craftsmen. The complete custom motorcycle suit is a fully bespoke creation that reflects your personality the best.

The process allows you to choose a design template and embellish it with a choice of color, fit, accessories, and a range of personalization options. When you adorn motorcycle gear so contrasting from the same old ready-to-wear options, you are bound to make a lasting impression.

Be an invincible force on the tracks with our Custom made suit combined with your high-speed motorcycling!

The Road to Fully Bespoke 

Once you choose our complete customization service, you will be directed to the Moto Speeds exclusive suit designer software. Using that, the creation of your dream suit will begin from scratch. From the theme of the design to the choice of leather and even the number of pockets to add, you will be the master of your own wheel.



Our software displays four design templates for your suit, each with distinctive features and a degree of customization. The screen displays a thorough front and rear view of each design. Whether you prefer to stick with the veteran classic or elevate your look with the vibrant Whiz Tech design, the choice is all yours!

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Standing by our commitment to provide extensive customization, we allow you to choose not one nor two but three color options, one of which will be utilized for the base color and the other two for additional personalization.

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Ever experienced a suit that looks great but poorly caters to the aerodynamic needs of motorcycling? It is painful, indeed. However, with your Custom made Motospeeds suit, you handpick every aspect, even beyond the design. Choose your favorite material, add extra gear for convenience and even let go of standard features upon your wish. The result will be a suit that perfectly sits well with the specific needs of your body and motorcycle.

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At Motospeeds, you are as much a part of our family as our team, and we make sure your suit reflects that too. With our personalized facility, you get to position logos, add your name and allocate a specific number to your suit.

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Setting the Seal on your Custom Made Suit 

In the end, the screen should exhibit the suit of your dreams. For a second opinion, our software allows you to forward the design to a friend or family. Otherwise, click ‘Submit’ and let our design team begin the creation of your bespoke suit.

How it Works

With our Designer's app, you can create your Complete Custom, Perfect Fit, & Custom Color garments in only two steps! First, design and customize your motorcycling suits from our online suit designer software. Then, our design department and production team will make your suit and complete your custom-made experience journey..


  • Select the garments offered from the Designer's app.
  • Choose the colors for each leather panel, logo color, rider's name, and suit number.
  • Select from the Leather, stretch material, external protection, hump, perforation, matching gear & additional features from the options.
  • Personalize the garments add logos, imagery, text, or numbers that you can place in pre-determined places.
  • The last part is fitting and size. You can get the garment in standard size or perfect fit (made to measure). Select size or submit your body measurements wearing a tight-fitting base layer or naked body. If you wear chest and back protection under the suit, please send the measurements while wearing the protection.
  • Submit your design, and our representative will contact you with further details. You can also save your design, send it to a friend or share it on social media.


  • The design department will analyze the order and ask for more information if required.
  • The design team will create An online order on the website and send an invoice to you for the payment.
  • On the payment confirmation, the order process will start.
  • The lead time for the order is 6-8 weeks depending on the product specification.
  • Once the order is complete and passed the quality check, the design department will send photos of the final products to verify that every aspect is your satisfaction.
  • The product will be shipped.