Custom Color and Fit

At MotoSpeeds, we are dedicated to providing our motorcyclists with the gear worth every penny. So brace yourself as we take this a step further with our Custom Motorcycle Suits facility.

Our Custom Size & Color option lets you combine our classic motorcycle gear designs with your choice of color and measurements. This option allows your personality to shine bright, but it also ensures you a well-fitted product.

Once you step foot on the tracks with a custom-made suit, there's little that can stand in the way of your high-speed, proficient motorcycling.

Custom Color and Fit | Creating the Suit of your Dreams

Creating the Suit of your Dreams

The process behind this Custom facility is simple. Our website hosts a range of motorcycle gear for a diverse audience. From racing to touring or simple street gear, we have it all! Once you have chosen the design you would like to buy; you step onto the road to create a bespoke garment.

Custom Colour allows you to choose the color palette for your garment, whether the base color or the additional layers. With Custom Size, the degree of personalization moves another step forth. The suit will be a made-to-measure product that will seamlessly fit your body. Thus, no more lousy fabric disturbing your focus on the tracks!

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How it Works?

With our online Designer's app, you can create your custom colored Leather suit. The process in simple and easy. Following are the steps to order a custom color and custom size garment from our online store.


  • Select the garments in designer's app
  • You can see the live colors for each leather panel, branding, name and numbers. Once you are done with selecting the colors that looks good to you.


  • Go the the Race category on the website and select the product you have designed in app.
  • Select the colors from the product options and complete the checkout process.
  • If you want the custom size garment, please check the Guide and video on the link, Take and note down body measurements. Send your body measurements from the online measurement form