Ever since its inception, Motospeeds has worked relentlessly for one aim alone: to honor the dedication of our motorcyclists the right way by providing them with versatile, premium quality gear. With this objective, we continue to experiment with designs and facilities to take the MotoSpeeds Motorcycle Gear experience to the next level. 

Allow us to present one such project where we give you a chance to control the most important aspect of your motorcycle suit, the size. Presenting, Perfect Fit, a piece of our Custom Made Facility that crafts made-to-measure products to ensure a refined, tailored fitting.

Achieving Flawlessly Tailored Fitting

Achieving Flawlessly Tailored Fitting

What good is a suit that can barely fulfil the aerodynamic requirements or one that is too rigid to move in? The whole point of premium motorcycle clothing is to assist the riders with gear that does not obstruct their skill on the road. The last thing we need here is a suit too tight, too loose, poorly-fitted, etc.

Thus, brace yourselves to completely reap the benefits out of our all-new Perfect Fit facility. It is a smooth and straightforward process that only requires some foresightedness of mind.

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Crafting Made To Measure Garments 

Browse through our diverse range of motorcycle gear to settle on a design that suits your taste. We have gear for racing, touring, or even casual street biking. There is a little something for each one’s taste, with each piece a distinct garment on its own.

Once you choose a design, we will be delivering you a made-to-measure product. Therefore, you will be required to provide us with your body measurements and any specific fitting needs. We will then ensure that the garment perfectly embraces your body yet, allows you to comfortably move around.

The key is to remember that the more accurate your body measurements, the more befitting your suit will be to your needs.

How it Works?

You can get any garment listed on our website in made to measure size (the perfect fit). Ordering custom size it is very simple and easy.



  • On the product page select Custom size and complete the checkout process.
  • You will get an order confirmation email.
  • Send our body measurements from the online measurement form or download PDF