Made To Measure Hand-crafted suit

The customer’s unique body proportions and fitting requirements ensuring comfort & safety.

The Perfect Fit

The perfect fit comes from years of experience and knowing how to interpret the 26 body measurements and then stretching for the riding position. Each panel of a standard suit transformed into a panel that will allow the suit to fit together as a second skin.

Submit your measurements

Download the measurement form or fill the online form. Highly recommended to read, tips and instructions, in full before taking any measurement.

Online Measurement Form

Measurement Form (pdf)

> Getting ready

To ensure a properly fitted suit get prepared for the measurements on your bare skin or wear skin-tight clothes and Tie a colored string around waistline for consistent measurements.

> Taking Measurements

Not a difficult job if your partner is following the given instructions and refer to the diagram for exact points.

> Send it to us

Send in your measurement form by email or submit the online form with three pictures of yourself from the front, side, and back wearing shorts with your waistline clearly marked.

> Verification

Our expert will analyze these 26 measurements of your unique body shape and customize the garment to your proportions. Once the measurements are verified and approved the order moves to production.