Believe in Acceleration

An inspirational story started with commitment, focuses on commitment and delivering commitment.

Infusion of tradition and technology

Moto Speeds springs from a tradition of finest leather craftsmanship. For us, the craft of making quality leather goods is transfer from one generation to another. Processing, dying and stitching leather to create a wide range of durable products is what our forefathers have done for centuries.

Significant value addition in the field of traditional leather wear took place in the 1970s when the best and the brightest of motorcycle racing leather goods manufacturer technology teamed up with us to create state of the art motorcycle gear.

The result was Moto Speeds, a perfect infusion of tradition and technology. Today Moto Speeds creates some of the most elegant motorcycle wear, using the finest materials, in consultation with the people who matter the most, the riders.

Team Moto Speeds