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Moto Speeds announce the 2022 Race Season Sponsorship Program. We invite professional racers from all around the world to share their profiles and stats to get sponsored. The sponsorship categories include Track & Road Racing, Speedway, and Drag Racing. Select your respective class and leave the rest on our shoulders.

All you need to submit your resume and fill up the credentials mentioned below. The submissions are accepted from around the globe all year round.

Please make sure to include the information described in the end to stand out from the rest of the applications. Although, we offer different types of sponsorship which will be decided after reviewing your resume and credentials. Our experts will carefully review and analyze after which we will inform you of the maximum we can offer.

Our philosophy, a career suit is your identity, whether you are competing individually or as a team. Our personalized department facilitates the development of your track identity (a custom suit) according to your tastes and professional requirements, so they stand out and stand out for their performance and appearance.

Leather Collection, in collaboration with Moto Speeds, made getting custom race suits much more comfortable. Now you can get a custom-designed leather outfit with professional features like race setting, replaceable CE armor, triple and quad stitching in high impact areas, multiple layers of leather in critical areas and, above all, exceptionally comfortable and flexible .

Follow the simple steps to get the career outfit of your dreams.


1. Select any design form the following given designs and customize them according to your requirements.
2. You can also customize the design, download the pdf file and draw the design of your own with required colors and upload the file.
3. You can upload any design you find and like on the internet mentioning color changes if needed.


The leather is the most crucial part of a motorcycle race suit, your performance and protection depend upon the leather you use in the race. Better performance and mobility with lightweight leather. Protection through the exceptional strength, offer maximum abrasion and tear resistant.

Cowhide leather is mostly used in race suits, we use top grain drum dyed leather of 1.2 mm - 1.4 mm thick leather, remarkably durable, and lab tested. Thickness increases its weight that is why we don’t recommend cow leather for professional races.

Kangaroo Leather is thinner, lightweight, stronger and durable than cow leather. The lightweight construction of Kangaroo leather makes it the first choice for professional races. Highly recommended by professional racers.

Perforation lets you enjoy both the weather and the ride. It helps to keep you cool and comfortable in hot weather conditions. More perforation means more airflow in your suit and vice versa.

Choose Color

Undoubtedly choosing the right color is the most critical task in custom suits. We recommend you to select a minimum one (1) color and maximum four (4) colors for the suit because more than that will become complex. The best option is to choose colors matching to your motorcycle.


Standard Size 32-50: Before selecting the size please find our comprehensive Size Chart even with minute details to find the exact fit. We offer standard sizes ranging from US 32 to 50.

Custom Size: We recommend custom size for profession riders and riders who love race fit. Custom fit offers perfect racing position, comfort and mobility.
> Download Measurement form (pdf), print it, read measurement points and guide carefully, get measured and note the measurements on the printed form. Once you are done with the measurement, send the measurement from the Made to Measure (Online Form). Leave the rest on us.


Add safety and comfort features with our add-on options and boost yours on-track performance. Adding a professional functionality in your outfit is an edge over your competitor. Choose the best to keep the advantage.

We offer CE rated Metal and Titanium external armors that are known for exceptional safety component. We recommend Titanium for professional riders because it is stronger and lightweight.

Initially, the hump was used to improve aerodynamics, and now in addition to that, it enables the riders to take on water or performance monitoring electronic equipment during the race. Select the hump that serves the purpose at best.

Put personalized and sponsored logos on your custom outfit on the specified areas. You can imprint your name, riding number or any other sponsor logo you want to have on your suit. Check the box if you want to.

You can add as many additional features to your outfit as you want from the specified options, depending on your requirements. It may add additional cost to the final value of your suit or jacket.

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